Thursday, 24 January 2008

Meeting Tues 10am, B27 Copied over from Facebook

Bit confused which forum to use but anyway thought Lorraine's info should go up here too! See below:

Just to let you know, there has been a meeting called this tuesday at 10am in chemistry B27 - the new "site office".

Here we will start to putting things in to action.

There are four main departments (for now - which may branch out more later)

*Finance and Fundraising
*Curatorial, Logistics, Technical,
*Publicity, Press and Marketing
*Catalogue and Website

If you want - please do start considering which department you would like to be a part of, or other ways in which you would be interested in contributing.

If you don't - please do come along anyway - there will be some important decisions that will be made.

There will be a discussion and resolution on the organisational structure of the different departments.

A DRAFT agenda/plan of actions will be forwarded to you later this week. Please print it out and bring it with you to tuesday meeting.

Not every Final Year Fine Artist is on this facebook group - please invite them in if you're friends with them. This will serve (for now) one of the main ways to communicate major updates to the year.

SIMON WILL CHAIR THE MEETING (granting his travel plans)

The Agenda for Tuesday's meeting (in no particular order)

1) A brief pitch on the organisational structure of the degree show followed by a short question time

2) pitch will be backed by the DRAFT agenda followed by a short question time

3) Self election of various departments

4) Voting for first milestone


Okay - so have a good week

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Can see how other people are getting on

Random searching for someone I know led me here

where degree shows all over uk are listed and includes blogs from other 'victims'. Haven't had time to look but may help us later.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Bring and Buy

What do you think about a possible Ebay bring and buy. We must all have some Cds and books etc lying around that could be put up there - or is a table in the uni better? I could do with shifting some stuff... for a good cause. Is anyone else keen to put things up on ebay?

OR we could do our own version of Artgos, but I'm not too up on the website stuff....