Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Thank you again to everyone that helped out by making/bringing cakes and cards for the stall today and to everyone that helped running the stall.

We still have quite a few cards left but a few of us were thinking of selling them on ebay, maybe as collections or as single cards and setting up a paypal account to the funds account laura and I are making. We should get on this asap though obviously.

Anyway, the news you wanted to hear, today we made a total of : £100. 23

Meaning that from the two sales so far we have a total of about £170.

Oh and one more thing, while speaking about ebay - Tanni and I were thinking maybe we should have a meeting and all start contributing things to sell on the site even if something like (I can't remember her name) but the artist that came in for a visiting lecture a while back who sold the photographs before they were taken., a small sketch or anything we could just make some more funds from.. I imagine we will need to speak about this on here over Christmas or otherwise meet in the New Year now.

Anyway thats all from me for now, I think I had too many mince pies. x

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